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Boom Ideanet® enables marketers to source fresh ideas and bring them to life through a network of vetted, free-agent problem-solvers.

Some call external talent strategies such as ours “open-sourcing,” “outsourcing” or even “crowdsourcing.” We call it “ideasourcing.”

Connectivity, brief consultation and a ready pool of creative thinkers make it possible. Use us as an on-demand resource for fresh on-brand ideas. Boom can be your creative department - or give your department a boost - on an as-needed basis.

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How Boom Works

Marketers pose challenges. Boom meets them. 

We work with you to fine tune your brief, determine deliverables and design an equitable fee and compensation structure.

We post the brief in our online application, spark the Ideanet’s creative firepower, compile ideas and hand them over to you.

You evaluate the work, select finalists, share feedback or direction and purchase ideas. Then Boom steps aside, or works with you to finesse and to finish as you see fit.

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Boom Mission

Boom Ideanet is an online platform for idea sourcing and execution. We offer businesses a project-based, budget-friendly creative resource for ideas. We offer creators a source of challenges that delivers clear ground rules for participation, fair compensation and prompt payment.

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In The News

Boom Ideanet Launches New Website

Boom's New Creative Idea Sourcing Website Geared Towards Marketers and Creators

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"We require a relatively high volume of broadcast advertising. With Boom Ideanet we never run out of ideas."

Shane McCall
VP, Creative Director

Recent Projects

Brief Flurry
Global citizens of Boom are creating ideas, earning thousands. New briefs on the horizon.

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Case Studies

Sergeant’s engaged Boom Ideanet to develop TV spots for its flea & tick products.

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Boom’s Not-So-Brief Blog On Briefs

Here's some help with the most important and most neglected step in the creative process.

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Work/Life Balance: The Elusive Goal of Every Freelancer

HOW Design Live. Freelancers seeking Work/Life Balance might keep three factors in mind: Doors. Expectations. Discipline.

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Running Awards Total

Boom Ideanet has paid over 100 different creatives who’ve shared ideas on dozens of briefs for marketing challenges such as logo design, taglines, web videos, promotional ideas, broadcast tv scripts, even branding campaigns.


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PetSmart Above & Beyond TV 30s

PetSmart goes above and beyond to find the most durable, stimulating and appealing toys and goods for pets.

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Meet the Team

Virtual Business. Real People.

Steve Dan Lauren &

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AAF KC Career Day

Students Attend Career Day and Learn How Boom Gives Their Career A Boost

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IDEA Facts

Boom Fact

In its first three years, Boom Ideanet creators have accepted the challenges of over 50 briefs, contributed over 4,500 ideas and have earned over $460,000.